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The leading PIM for tech teams, offering a scalable, customizable and easy-to-use platform with enterprise-grade functionality.

AI-first PIM

Our AI-first approach gives us the edge over our competitors, and we are delighted to be one of the first PIM platforms to offer Open AI integration. While our focus has always been towards our users, we are now also considering how AI can help with this.

Get in touch today to find out more about our AI product roadmap and how Sales Layer is harnessing the power of AI to deliver even more value to our users.

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Headless commerce approach

Sales Layer is a cloud-native SaaS solution hosted via Amazon Web Services. The platform offers multiple availability zones and auto-scaling, as well as connections to external data sources via a set scheduler.

Data can be transferred to your sales channels from your PIM at a regular cadence, providing a high degree of mobility with our solution. In addition, Sales Layer is renowned for offering a 99% uptime.

API-based architecture 

Our system is built on a robust API architecture that forms the core of our platform. This sophisticated architecture is designed for maximum scalability and reliability. It's based on industry standards like REST, OpenAPI, ODATA and dependable technologies like .NET and PHP. 

Sales Layer also offers seamless integration with your tech stack and efficient data synchronization for all of your channels. Built with integrability and extensibility in mind, our APIs allow for your data to scale as you grow.

Pre-built and
custom connectors

Sales Layer offers a wide range of pre-built API connections allowing direct cloud integration with platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. Alternatively, Sales Layer also offers pre-built plug-ins/extensions for Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop.

Additionally, IT teams can build on top of our API for their own custom integrations and web services. This is available for both import and export functions, providing companies with better scalability and a platform that can grow with the business. These connectors help to enhance the efficiency of your teams, allowing operations to be executed in real time.

Custom formulas to improve efficiency

Within Sales Layer, you can build your own custom formulas to improve the efficiency of your data flow. These formulas are programming functions that can transform the data that is exported through a Connector.

Users from all departments can make use of these Excel-like functions to extend the power of the PIM without any programming skills.

Fully implement in 6 weeks

Sales Layer is the quickest PIM in the industry when it comes to onboarding. We aim to have your team up and running on the platform in less than six weeks. In addition, we’ve been voted the “Easiest PIM to Use” by G2 users, meaning IT intervention is very rarely required during the onboarding process for product marketing teams.

Our interface is easy to use whether the user has a technical background or not.

First-class security and governance

Security is of the utmost importance to Sales Layer, which is why our platform offers Single Sign On protection for added reassurance. In addition, our ISO 27001 certification is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of information security and protecting our clients' valuable data.

When it comes to permissions, IT departments are able to define the level of autonomy that other teams hold within the system, ensuring data can be protected at all times and removing the need to intervene for basic tasks. In addition, all changes can be viewed, reviewed and reversed with our set of management tools.

Sales Layer Free PoC

In a landscape where SaaS vendors can often overpromise and underdeliver, adopting a new platform for your operations can be a risky decision for IT departments to take. Fortunately, with Sales Layer, all of our prospects can try the platform before they buy it with a free proof of concept trial process. Here we are able to demonstrate the solutions that the platform offers to your needs, as you can test out the PIM with your very own data. Once you’ve decided to onboard with Sales Layer, our contracts come as standard with a sandbox environment where you can test any technical change before going into production.

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Best adoption on the PIM market

One of the key indicators of a successful SaaS tool is its adoption. Sales Layer is delighted to hold the highest adoption rate within the industry on G2. The vast majority of our customers rely on the platform for their daily operations, so much so that they retain the platform for longer than with other PIMs.

Some of our satisfied customers

"The interface is so user-friendly that with a two or three-hour training you can already start adding fields and pictures, manage catalogs, or create product sheets, with zero problems."

Joan Montava
Marketing Director

“Sales Layer is a user-friendly solution, with an intuitive interface and flexible configuration.”

Lex Kiezebrink
Product Manager

"Sales Layer has been our right hand in the digitalization of our catalog and the optimization of our resources."

Lily Woods
Vp of Marketing

“We have shifted from spending tons of hours compiling information from thousands of folders and Excels, to organizing everything with just one click..”

Teresa Sanz
Software Analyst

“Our goal was offering an easier and friendly product experience to our customers, and Sales Layer help has led to a conversion increase of 71% over our initial targets and increased our sales target by 353%”

María Selma
eCommerce Manager

“With Sales Layer we have catalogs set up for a minimum cost, they are much more navigable and save us time. You just need an Excel and a few images to have a catalog assembled. Some suppliers have had their catalog ready in 20 minutes.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

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