PIM for the building materials industry

With the Sales Layer Product Information Management system, you can centralize, enrich, and syndicate your product data, creating a unique source of truth for the company.

How Sales Layer can help with
your digital asset management

Centralized product information

Provide your team with consistent and consolidated product information sourced from SAP/ERP, CSVs, Excels, and data structures such as BIM and ETIM, or other dispersed data sources. All of this can be achieved without the need for technical expertise, offering flexibility for expansion.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Be confident in utilizing and sharing verified product data, encompassing manufacturing, dimensional, logistics, and maintenance information. Leverage our quality reporting features and job-specific details, ensuring compliance with both national and international standards.

An illustration of a green wheelbarrow against a light green background with a graphic of a yellow checkmark shield icon, indicating approval or verification.

Manage complex product information in any format

Our PIM is designed to accommodate a wide range of product attributes (dimensions, density, fire/water resistance, SKUs), and more.

Moreover, our DAM capabilities empower you to work with various digital assets, including technical layouts, images, 3D models, product certifications, and more.

Enhace multichannel selling

Connect and manage the products you sell across various B2B & B2C marketplaces, ecommerce websites, procurement platforms, and mobile apps through a unified platform, providing a seamless purchasing experience. Enhance your product descriptions and localization with our Chat GPT integration.

Share product data instantly to InDesign or other apps

Our connectors enable you to create catalogs, both physical and digital, tailored to customer requirements, and share them instantly through web or mobile platforms or push the information directly to InDesign.

A graphic of "Instant Catalog" featuring a grid of nine cleaning appliances, including vacuums and steam cleaners, within a purple abstract design.

Some of our satisfied customers

“Managing data through the PIM allows us to focus on the customer and the product, saving time in tasks that weren’t offering high value.”

Andrés Mendigacha
Head of the Professional Channel

 "It used to take 2 months to produce a catalog; now we have it ready in 2 weeks"

Laura Troitiño
System management

“Sales Layer is a user-friendly solution, with an intuitive interface and flexible configuration.”

Lex Kiezebrink
Product Manager

Transform your data into product intelligence