Launch and sync your products across every platform, app and marketplace in just a few clicks.

Why choose Sales Layer

Easy to use

The most user-friendly platform PIM in the world.

Specialist B2B tools

Integrations specially designed for B2B companies

Enterprise Grade

Connect product data from a single, reliable hub.

Quick onboarding

Typically completed within an average of 6 weeks.

Custom API Integrations

Sales Layer-specific integrations that are widely used for enhancing data flow.


Connect to the most popular ecommerce platforms with seamless play-and-play integration.

B2B Tools

Some of our most widely used templates for product data formatting to meet the needs of your buyers and procurement platforms.


Utilize specific templates formatted to each marketplace data standards and upload catalogs to your selling channels quickly.

Easily upload data across your platforms

With our PIM software, it couldn’t be easier to sync your product catalogs across all of your selling channels. Upload your catalogs to existing marketplaces, apps and procurement platforms and explore new channels with complete ease.

Showcase enriched product data and ensure brand consistency across your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Sales Layer offers plug-and-play connectors with a number of ecommerce platforms. Save time and avoid data errors to provide a superior product experience across all your channels.

Some of our
satisfied customers

"We can export the entire product catalog in a matter of seconds and have our website and ERP up to date every day, including all price calculations based on currency, margins and freight cost."                                            

Pär Gester
Marketing Manager

"It's priceless to have every results.
department working on the same
basis and to be able to see the status and features of a product in realtime, from anywhere in the world"

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“Thanks to Sales Layer, we have been able to access a very flexible PIM system where we can add much more product information than before. The flexibility for creating catalogs for different environments is incredible.”

Daniel Marín
IT Manager

“Bulk uploads, bulk updates and bulk enrichment made managing products for our website so much easier!”

Lindie Samela
eCommerce Manager

"The main advantage of Sales Layer is undoubtedly its speed, and how easy it is to update. We can now include products 10 times faster than was possible with the previous software."     

Manu Santana
Head of Marketing

“Sales Layer’s PIM alleviates what was once a cumbersome and manually-intensive task into a super productive and time-saving work that makes updating content effortless.”

Jessica Bretherton
Marketing Coordinator

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