AI Product Descriptions with Chat GPT

As one of the first PIMs to integrate with Chat GPT, Sales Layer allows users to automatically generate and rewrite product descriptions with just a click of a button.

Simplified product descriptions with ChatGPT

Integrating ChatGPT into your product description creation process is simple. With Sales Layer’s new integration, users can create SEO-friendly product descriptions from scratch and enrich existing product catalogs. Input your product attributes and let AI do the rest, quickly generating comprehensive and engaging descriptions for your products.

Why choose Sales Layer × ChatGPT for product descriptions?

Not just limited to one language, Sales Layer’s and ChatGPT’s multilingual capabilities enable you to adapt to global markets, making it easier than ever to reach a wider audience and maximize your international sales potential across all of your channels.

How to utilize ChatGPT within Sales Layer

Leveraging this cutting-edge technology is effortless: simply click the icon next to the product description text box and let AI do the work for you. With just two clicks, ChatGPT will generate compelling product descriptions for you and save you valuable time and resources while ensuring consistent, high-quality descriptions across your entire product catalog. As one of the first PIM vendors to integrate with ChatGPT, at Sales Layer we recognize and harness the power of AI in our products. Get in touch to find out more about our AI-first roadmap.

Seamless implementation and integration

Our award-winning user-friendly interface is designed with efficiency in mind, so we’ve made it simple to start generating AI product descriptions, even with minimal technical knowledge. Sales Layer’s AI functionalities are built directly into the platform and are available for users to get started. Sales Layer’s AI integrations empower businesses to enhance their customer experience, increase conversions, and boost their bottom line.

Some of our
satisfied customers

"With the creation of descriptions by artificial intelligence, we have not only been able to create these descriptions at a low cost, but also edit in bulk, which is one of the features that we use daily."

Sergio Franco

“Sales Layer’s PIM alleviates what was once a cumbersome and manually-intensive task into a super productive and time-saving work that makes updating content effortless.”

Jessica Bretherton
Marketing Coordinator

“Our goal was offering an easier and friendly product experience to our customers, and Sales Layer help has led to a conversion increase of 71% over our initial targets and increased our sales target by 353%”

María Selma
eCommerce Manager

“Sales Layer is a user-friendly solution, with an intuitive interface and flexible configuration.”

Lex Kiezebrink
Product Manager

“Before Sales Layer we needed to add products not once, not twice, but normally three or four times. Now everything is connected, and we just do something one time and we have it everywhere.”

Matthias Knoll

“It has been key for us to involve all departments, both creators and users of product information. We took advantage of the full potential of the PIM, quickly providing solutions that make the daily work much easier, thus achieving the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone.”

Sandra Zabala
Product Information Manage

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