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Centralize and enrich your product data to provide a superior customer experience across your channels and drive more sales.

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Most popular Sales Layer PIM benefits for retailers

Centralize product data

Multiple data systems can lead to outdated information being shared across different teams. A PIM software centralizes your product content in one place, creating a single source of truth for your team. Sales Layer offers a consolidated view by importing data from multiple sources. This enables activity and change tracking, minimizing the likelihood of discrepancies and ensuring that your team has access to the most up-to-date information.

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Integrate your suppliers’ data in seconds

No more spending time scouring your distributor's catalogs and putting products into a spreadsheet. Our PIM SaaS solution enables data import from CSV, Excel, and XML files—or any data source via API—allowing for swift integration with your suppliers. This not only fosters collaboration but also enhances communication, expedites the onboarding process, and optimizes supply chain efficiency.

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Optimize your product descriptions

Better product data leads to happier customers. Sales Layer PIM analyzes the quality of your product data to identify gaps and errors that need fixing. By enriching product details in a PIM, retailers can enhance product discoverability and search accuracy, simplify navigation, boost SEO, and ultimately better inform customers' buying decisions, driving more sales and reducing returns.

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Generate Catalogs Instantly

Instantly create and upload product catalogs in real time to share both publicly and privately with your clients. Connect your ERP to generate accurate product data for personalized catalogs in minutes. Customize your catalog to meet individual customer demands by selecting which data fields to display. Also, seamlessly automate the creation and updating of printed catalogs through our integration with Easy Catalog and InDesign.

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Sell Globally Effortlessly

Sales Layer PIM simplifies the management of translations and localization, effortlessly supporting your global sales strategies by adapting product information. Our PIM for retailers enables rules for data input, ensuring compliance with market and sales channel requirements. Additionally, with our ChatGPT integration, product descriptions can be generated from system-identified information, which is particularly useful for multi-language fields.

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Speed time to market

Spread uniform and efficient updates of product information across sales channels with automated syndication. Bulk updates enable retailers to quickly and easily implement widespread changes to product data, minimizing the time spent on manual tasks. This allows retailers to rapidly introduce new products to the market, capitalizing on emerging trends and consumer demands.

Streamline Team Collaboration

With real-time updates and workflows, information is swiftly updated, ensuring uninterrupted progress. Personalized access control allows team members to be granted specific permissions based on their roles, maintaining data integrity while they focus on their specific tasks. This approach breaks down data and technical barriers, fosters collaboration between departments, and encourages cross-functional teamwork.

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Companies already choosing Sales Layer as their PIM for retail solution

"Our experience with Sales Layer is a success story. We are all very happy to use this tool. It is very flexible and very intuitive to use."

Perrine Bettinelli
SEO Specialist

“Before Sales Layer we needed to add products not once, not twice, but normally three or four times. Now everything is connected, and we just do something one time and we have it everywhere.”

Matthias Knoll

“Sales Layer is the simplest way to have all your product information always up to date and in one place.”

Hugo Rettien
Head of Digital

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