PIM software for your business

A PIM (Product Information Management) is a single platform used to centralize, enrich, and automate product data.

Sales Layer's PIM tool can help you

Sales Layer is a PIM built for product marketers that anyone can learn to use in less than 2 hours.

Save time and money

Save resources and time spent on repetitive tasks

Instant Catalogs

Speed up your catalog creation

Enrich your data

Give your buyers a superior
product experience

No more silos

Reduce the need for separate
data systems

Faster sharing

Simplify exporting your product information

Quicker Go-to-Market

Launch your products faster than
your competiion

Product workflows for team

Create and set product workflows and validations to improve the efficiency of your product marketing. This allows tasks to be assigned to teams and individuals, with everyone aware of their responsibilities, and with editors able to take governance over your product data.

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Transform your data into product intelligence