What is Sales Layer Connect?

Sales Layer is the product information management (PIM) platform that allows suppliers to generate electronic catalogs and integrate them with their buyer customers through punchout.

Consolidate your product data

The first step in integrating with a purchasing portal via punchout software is preparing the product data you want to share with your customers. For many suppliers, this can be cumbersome, especially when product information is scattered across different files, folders, and systems. Sales Layer simplifies this by allowing suppliers to digitize and centralize their product catalogs in minutes with a simple copy and paste from a spreadsheet, CSV file, or ERP. This creates a fully digital single source of truth, accessible and manageable by any authorized user from any device, anywhere in the world.

Create B2B catalogs in seconds

The second step in selling via punchout usually involves creating a B2B commerce platform. From their product information management portal, suppliers can create unlimited B2B catalogs, customized for each customer. With just a few clicks, they can select the products, attributes, and assets they want to share with a specific customer. Enhance your catalogs with videos, photos, 3D models or other digital assets.

Tool catalog showcasing bench grinder, digital multimeter, safety helmet, and rubber mallet with product codes

Integrate with your customers’ procurement system

The ultimate stage of punchout integration is linking each B2B catalog to your customers' procurement platforms. Traditional methods often drag out this process. With Sales Layer, you can seamlessly create punchout catalogs through a quick one-time integration across any procurement platform. Integration via punchout streamlines sales, as buyers directly access richer and more up-to-date catalogs from their own management systems.

A solution for any supplier

Integrating via punchout doesn't need to be time-consuming, expensive, or complicated. Regardless of their level of digitalization, resources, or technical capabilities, Sales Layer Connect allows suppliers to quickly and easily create their electronic catalogs and integrate them via punchout with their customers within a couple of weeks. In addition, they'll have all the necessary tools to autonomously update their catalogs without requiring any IT intervention or technical knowledge. Any catalog update is automatically synchronized with the customer's purchasing system, eliminating manual management. Sales Layer Connect integrates your catalogs with your customers' systems and allows you to quickly adapt to market demands.

Optimized for ROI and value

Sales Layer Connect is designed to deliver a strong return on investment. By enriching product data creating more complete and detailed catalogs, Connect boosts conversion rates. It also simplifies approvals for buying teams through the ability to configure purchasing criteria. Additionally, it saves labor hours through streamlined product data synchronization and offers the ability to implement without IT support. All of this is available starting at €2,000 per year per integrated buyer.

Benefits of using Sales Layer’s punchout system for suppliers:

Simple and powerful catalog creation

Suppliers can generate a digital catalog from a simple Excel or CSV file, which can be manually uploaded or periodically imported from an ERP or inventory management system. The platform's user-friendly interface allows anyone to use it without requiring technical expertise.

Source of truth for product data

With Sales Layer, suppliers get a specialized tool that makes updating catalogs easy and efficient by centralizing product data to create a reliable database. This system serves as a single source of truth for marketing, sales, and operations, ensuring data accuracy at every stage of the supply chain.

Automated with up-to-date information

Suppliers enhance their processes by automating their information flows with purchasing customers. Customers always have their digital catalogs updated in real time with the specific conditions agreed upon. No more calls or emails from customers with orders. Everyone can access the catalog knowing it contains the most up-to-date information.

Data-driven connections with new customers

With Sales Layer Connect, suppliers can generate unlimited PunchOut catalogs and tap into a marketplace of buyers already utilizing Sales Layer, unlocking new sales opportunities. Sales Layer Connect also empowers suppliers to access and utilize data on their customers' purchase requests, enabling them to discern popular products and pinpoint underperforming ones.

Improved business relationships driving more sales

With updated, enriched information and increased autonomy through automation, Connect empowers suppliers to deliver superior service to their customers, strengthening the commercial relationship. Customers favor suppliers whose catalogs are digitized and seamlessly integrated into their procurement systems, making purchases easier and more convenient. This preference for streamlined purchasing not only meets buyer expectations but also sets suppliers apart from competitors, giving them a significant competitive edge.

Suppliers that trust
Sales Layer

“Since using Sales Layer Connect for the e-catalogs, suppliers’ sales have skyrocketed, with extraordinary examples like one supplier’s increase of sales from €15K to €1.5 million.”

Marta Arias
Purchasing Manager

“We’ve gained in efficiency and speed. There’s no more confusion or delays: the customer places the order and it arrives directly to our ERP software.”

Marta Ayala
Sales manager

“With Connect we now have a clear notion about how much we have sold, how many orders are coming through, how many times a product has been ordered... and all in a single page view.”

 Rubén Rubio
Head of Sales

“Thanks to Sales Layer Connect, we have been able to create and connect our digital catalogs to new customers in record time, which has helped us improve our business relationships and provided us with a competitive edge.”

Teresa Díaz
Head of Business Development & Projects

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