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Consolidate your product information and enhance data quality using our PIM system designed for distributors and wholesalers.

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Centralize product information

Distributors face the challenge of managing an extensive array of product data, encompassing thousands of SKUs along with diverse product attributes and digital assets. The task becomes even tougher when managing hundreds or even thousands of suppliers. A PIM system acts as a centralized hub, consolidating this data into a single, reliable source that facilitates informed decision-making and streamlines workflows throughout the organization. With all departments accessing the same product information, the likelihood of errors caused by disparate systems, spreadsheets, or siloed databases is greatly reduced.

Store your digital assets with DAM

Sales Layer's PIM additionally includes Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities. This means distributors have a single, centralized platform not only for product data but also for all digital assets, including videos, 3D models, certifications, marketing materials, and more. With a DAM system, distributors can confidently access the right digital assets when needed, without the hassle of searching through disorganized locations, ultimately saving time and ensuring streamlined operations throughout the supply chain.

Control your data with analytics

With countless product data feeds to manage, real-time insights and analytics are vital. Our PIM, built for marketers and sales teams, enables distributors to quickly incorporate new SKUs, ensuring they stay responsive to niche customer needs. Through the activity feed, users can track all changes to their catalog, while leveraging classification, tagging, and content curation functionalities to gain operational control and optimize SKU efficiency and inventory management.

Enhance date quality and integrity

Sales Layer offers advanced tools such as ChatGPT for precise editing, plus tracking and version restoration features, ensuring data accuracy and quality for distributors across their networks. The platform's validation and rule-setting capabilities facilitate compliance with industry regulations, minimizing supply chain risks. This focus on data quality enhances product searchability, thereby boosting sales and reducing returns.

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Build strong relationships with partners

Establishing robust relationships with business partners such as retailers and suppliers is crucial for a distributor's success. By simplifying partner data integration and ensuring adherence to distributor requirements, Sales Layer PIM streamlines the exchange of product information, fostering collaboration and consistency across the whole supply chain. With reliable and up-to-date product data, distributors can foster trust, credibility, and satisfaction among partners.

Get your multichannel strategy ready

By centralizing and standardizing product data, PIM ensures consistency and accuracy in the customer experience across diverse sales channels such as e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores. In addition, distributors can automatically synchronize product information across all channels. Sales Layer connects with a wide variety of platforms including Amazon Seller, Google Shopping, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Excel, Easy Catalog, and more.

Build your D2C channel

Venturing into direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales represents a promising yet challenging avenue for distributors. By leveraging PIM systems, distributors can streamline the flow of product data across all channels, simplifying eCommerce management and alleviating traditional supply chain burdens through automation. This strategic approach not only expands market reach but also provides distributors full control over their brand image in the evolving and competitive D2C landscape.

Accelerate Your Go-to-Market

By centralizing product information from multiple suppliers and streamlining the management of product data, along with implementing efficient workflows, real-time insights, collaboration tools, and integration capabilities, distributors can reduce time-consuming tasks and eliminate bottlenecks. This ensures that products reach customers faster than ever before. Additionally, the management of complexities such as geography, SKU assortment, and distribution mechanisms is streamlined, resulting in a quicker presence in the supply chain.

Grow your distribution network

Sales Layer empowers distributors to customize product data to suit diverse markets, offering multilingual capabilities for different languages, and localizing product attributes such as pricing and currency while ensuring compliance with specific market regulations. With our PIM software, distributors can confidently adapt their offerings to various regions, maintaining consistency and accuracy across diverse markets. This not only enhances competitiveness and efficiency but also strengthens their presence in the global marketplace.

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Generate Printed & Digital Catalogs Instantly

Enhance personalization in your sales proposals by rapidly generating customized catalogs for specific buyers and platforms, including print formats. Automate data sheets, catalogs, and POS materials by sourcing information from your centralized database, ensuring up-to-date information while adhering to brand standards. With Sales Layer, distributors can seamlessly manage shared information with suppliers and retailers, automating the incorporation of new product lines and customizing access with public or private catalog options.

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"Our experience with Sales Layer is a success story. We are all very happy to use this tool. It is very flexible and very intuitive to use."

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“Thanks to Sales Layer, we have been able to access a very flexible PIM system where we can add much more product information than before. The flexibility for creating catalogs for different environments is incredible.”

Daniel Marín
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"Thanks to Sales Layer we can control the content with a scalable and simple tool. It nurtures our eCommerce with the necessary information and automates our catalog creation."

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