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Create and share your digital product catalogs to all B2B and B2C channels in real time.

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What is an Instant Catalog?

Sales Layer offers the ability to instantly create customized product catalogs. These can be tailored to the exact requirements of your selling channels and buyers. Format your data to better target your audience and show only relevant items with our customizable sales tool. Our platform can automatically format your data, assigning relevant fields for you to toggle seconds after you upload your Excel files. Product variants can be selected and their attributes edited, while searches can be filtered by field.

B2B Catalogs

B2B Catalogs from Sales Layer are fully customizable product catalogs with purchase order functionality. These catalogs can be created instantly, serving as PO-viable, ecommerce sites full of your products. Buyers can gain real-time access to suppliers’ catalogs, making the procurement process smoother and facilitating more P2P transactions. You can even add fixed charges, surcharges by zone, and minimum order requirements.

Empower your sales teams

With Instant Catalogs, you can format your product data to fit the exact requirements of your buyers and distributors. This gives your sales team the tools they need to deliver a premium service for your buyer networks by providing ready-to-market product catalogs. Standardize your data for your key accounts and better target new buyers with Instant Catalogs.

Create Instant Catalogs in PDF form

Instant Catalogs can also be generated in PDF form, providing a useful tool for printed materials. Changes made within PIM can be replicated to your PDF library in real-time, while translation tools empower your teams to create marketing materials in numerous languages. With a built-in connector to InDesign, Sales Layer enables you to customize your PDFs to include company colors, logos, and other branding.

Some of our
satisfied customers

"Sales Layer was a critical tool in scaling our business. The ease and speed of use, combined with the excellent customer service, helped us to evolve."

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“We can constantly provide and change the information our customers need by ourselves. In 5 or 10 minutes you can change an image, update a price or add a new product.”

Rubén Rubio
Sales Manager

“With Sales Layer we have catalogs set up for a minimum cost, they are much more navigable and save us time. You just need an Excel and a few images to have a catalog assembled. Some suppliers have had their catalog ready in 20 minutes.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

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