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Centralize your product information and enrich your data with our PIM system for manufacturers and distributors.

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Most popular Sales Layer benefits for manufacturing companies

Optimize product information management

With so much time and effort invested in manufacturing, brands often expedite their go-to-market strategies. As a consequence, errors in product data can occur, leading to incomplete information being distributed across sales platforms, failing to promptly meet the demands of retailers or distributors, and presenting challenges in supplying quality data that adheres to industry standards. This ultimately delays the product's time-to-market.

Centralize product data

Dispersed product information can lead to inconsistencies throughout your business and supply chain. Sales Layer enables the centralization of your product catalogs through the simple copy-and-paste functionality from spreadsheets. Authorized users within your organization can add, manage, and edit data without sacrificing catalog quality. This guarantees that suppliers, retailers, and end consumers all access correct, updated, and enriched product information across all touchpoints.

Product catalog interface showing construction tools with safety helmet, drill, multimeter, and hammer marked as active or draft.

Analyze Product Data

Manufacturers may sometimes overlook the quality of product data, resulting in a negative buying experience and an increase in sales returns. Sales Layer PIM enables manufacturers to enhance their data, leading to an improved buying experience that facilitates purchases and exceeds expectations. It allows users to identify gaps and errors, integrate with Chat GPT, edit data in bulk, track all changes, reverse edits, restore previous versions, maintain functionality in Excel mode, and pinpoint areas for improvement with the quality score.

Project progress dashboard showing 142 of 284 items complete at 65%, with status bars for composition, product name, color, description, image, and labels.

Scale up with confidence

Whether you want to add new products, variants, or step into a new marketplace or e-commerce platform, Sales Layer PIM scales with you. With import and export connectors, you can move data from multiple sources to the PIM and transfer it to where your customers are. Leverage integrations with external e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and in-house software like ERP systems and CRMs. Additionally, by centralizing product information and automating tasks, manufacturers can scale their operations, adapt to market changes, and offer a wider range of products.

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Connect to your multichannel

Sales Layer’s PIM for manufacturers is an indispensable B2B marketing tool, helping you connect your optimized product catalogs to multiple selling channels. Launch product catalogs four times faster and share complete, accurate data with your marketplaces, suppliers, retailers, and other platforms. Changes to data can be automated across all connected platforms, such as Amazon Vendor and Google Shopping, while also centralizing and managing data for your printed catalogs and marketing materials.

Improve regulatory compliance

With our PIM, manufacturers can ensure that all product data is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across various channels and regions, thus reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. By maintaining a comprehensive record of product attributes, certifications, and compliance documentation within the PIM system, manufacturers can efficiently demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements during audits and inspections. This approach not only fosters trust with customers and partners but also enhances the company's reputation and competitiveness in the market.

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Enhance Team Collaboration

For manufacturing companies, implementing workflows enhances team collaboration by providing a structured framework for coordinating and executing tasks related to product data management. These workflows enable teams to define clear procedures, assign roles, and monitor the progress of tasks throughout the product information lifecycle. Moreover, automated workflows reduce manual errors and ensure consistency in data management practices, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy.

SalesLayer PIM tool interface with notifications for John uploading a file, Sarah updating SKUs, and Tom connecting to a channel.

Create catalogs instantly

Drastically reduce your product launch time with our PIM software for manufacturing, and create customized product catalogs for specific buyers and platforms, including print catalogs. You can choose to share only the product information you wish with your suppliers and retailers by selecting the families, categories, and tags for your products. New product lines can be automatically added. Additionally, you can create public catalogs for open access and private catalogs with password protection. Commercial teams can also generate orders in real-time by activating online orders for your products.

Tool catalog showcasing bench grinder, digital multimeter, safety helmet, and rubber mallet with product codes

Expand your business internationally

With multilingual capabilities, manufacturers can easily translate product information into different languages. Moreover, Sales Layer PIM facilitates the localization of product attributes, such as pricing and language, and ensures compliance with specific market regulatory requirements. By providing a single source of truth for product data, manufacturers can manage and adapt their offerings to various regions, ensuring consistency and accuracy across diverse markets. This boosts their competitiveness in the global marketplace.

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Manufacturing companies that trust Sales Layer

“The PIM system is a very worthwhile
investment because with this tool we
can centralize all the products,
generate the documentation
automatically, and maintain all of the
information, always up to date and in
its latest version.”

Enrique Pous
Product Manaer

“A customer was requesting information for 1000s SKUs, and we were able to provide it in less than 5 min and in an orderly manner.”

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

"We launched 90 websites in one year. That was only possible after centralizing all our product information in Sales layer's PIM."

María Llanes
Digital Marketing Executive

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