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Product Database

Easily import your Excel sheets and product data to establish a product database for your teams to rely on as a single source of truth. This centralized dashboard has helped make Sales Layer “the easiest PIM to use in the world” according to G2 and has helped unify teams for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers around the globe.

Instant Catalogs

Create customized product catalogs tailored to the needs of your buyers, distributors and procurement platforms with Sales Layer. Instant Catalogs can be created instantly, empowering your sales team to target new buyers and meet the needs of your key clients. Catalogs can be formatted to the requirements of the buyer or platform, with built-in purchase order functionality allowing for a smoother P2P transaction.


From your website and app to online marketplaces and procurement platforms, our PIM can connect your product data with all of your B2B and B2C selling channels. Syndicate product data across your selling network and automate updates to provide buyers with enriched data at all touchpoints.

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Product Toolkit

Identify, enrich and improve your product catalogs with Sales Layer’s Product Toolkit. Gap Scanner can identify any missing fields or errors in your data, with our bulk edition tools saving you countless hours in your data enrichment. Our Quality Score feature evaluates the quality of your data, providing you with an aggregated score to measure your efforts. Sales Layer offers precise filtering and formulas to improve your efficiency, and is one of the first PIM’s to offer ChatGPT integration for AI-generated product descriptions.


Improve communication and efficiency between your teams with Sales Layer’s tools for collaboration. Set workflows and validations to ensure each department is briefed and aware of the input needed from them. Speed up your product information management and get your products to market quicker. With our Comments & Tasks feature, communicating on the status of the product journey has never been easier - especially for teams working remotely or in different locations.

Some of our
satisfied customers

 "Sales Layer’s customer service and technical support is invaluable, as we can address issues that are difficult to resolve and continue with our work."                                            

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“Bulk uploads, bulk updates and bulk enrichment made managing products for our website so much easier!”

Lindie Samela
eCommerce Manager

“Since we have been working with Sales Layer, we have all the product data grouped together, we have improved the relationship with suppliers and it has increased the internal visibility of the purchasing processes to speed up the completion of our projects.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

“Our goal was offering an easier and friendly product experience to our customers, and Sales Layer help has led to a conversion increase of 71% over our initial targets and increased our sales target by 353%”

María Selma
eCommerce Manager

"Sales Layer was a critical tool in scaling our business. The ease and speed of use, combined with the excellent customer service, helped us to evolve."

Alex Wood
Director of Global Marketing

“We can constantly provide and change the information our customers need by ourselves. In 5 or 10 minutes you can change an image, update a price or add a new product.”

Rubén Rubio
Sales manager

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