Sales Layer Connect

Optimize and automate the exchange of product information between buyers and suppliers.

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A powerful B2B tool that empowers suppliers to:

  • Centralize and optimize their product information management.
  • Create a superior buying experience and drive more P2P transactions.
  • Digitize your data, update and syndicate products in real time.
  • Create buyer-specific Instant Catalogs.
  • Launch products 4x faster.

Onboard in less than two weeks

Sales Layer Connect offers the quickest implementation in the industry, with no complex technical knowledge required for installation and use. Suppliers can onboard in less than two weeks, as opposed to the six months it takes to digitize data with some procurement systems.

Enrich your product data

With the complexities of B2B product information, suppliers can struggle to maintain an accurate and complete database. As a result, buyers can suffer from a negative product experience or even be deterred from purchasing goods. By centralizing your product catalogs with Sales Layer, data can be analyzed to identify errors, gaps, and any failures to comply with industry regulations. Your teams can then bulk edit data, syndicate it across all channels, and provide your buyers with complete, accurate, and optimized product listings.

Improve your agility

As an alternative to hosted catalogs, updates and changes to product listings can be syndicated across all selling channels and procurement platforms in real time. Suppliers can upload new products and expand to new channels with cXML PunchOut catalogs, while buyers can add more suppliers to their procurement platforms, in no time at all with Sales Layer Connect.

Advantages of
Sales Layer Connect

Launch products 4x quicker

Manage millions of complex data SKUs

Offer quality, complete product data

Product analytics tools for reporting

Automate your processes

Onboard in less than 2 weeks

Some of our satisfied customers

“We’ve gained in efficiency and speed. There’s no more confusion or delays: the customer places the order and it arrives directly to our ERP software.”

Marta Ayala
Sales Manager

“Since we have been working with Sales Layer, we have all the product data grouped together, we have improved the relationship with suppliers and it has increased the internal visibility of the purchasing processes to speed up the completion of our projects.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

“Sales Layer has been our right hand in the digitalization of our catalog and the optimization of our resources. It used to take 2 months to produce a catalog; now we have it ready in 2 weeks.

Laura Troitiño
System management

 "Sales Layer’s customer service and technical support is invaluable, as we can address issues that are difficult to resolve and continue with our work."

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“Now, thanks to Sales Layer workflows, we standardize all information and automate as much as possible, and we were able to launch 90 websites in one year.”

María Llanes
Digital Marketing Executive

“We have shifted from spending tons of hours compiling information from thousands of folders and Excels, to organizing everything with just one click..”

Teresa Sanz
Software Analyst

Transform your data into product intelligence