Global leading PIM

Enriching product data and driving long-term revenue for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Enriching product data and driving long-term revenue for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Accelerating growth for leading retailers and brands

Sales Layer for all teams

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PIM for Marketing & Sales Teams

PIM for Marketing & Sales Teams

Sales Layer empowers marketers to centralize data and syndicate products to all sales channels in real time.

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PIM for Tech Teams

PIM for Tech Teams

The leading PIM for tech teams, offering a scalable, customizable and easy-to-use platform with enterprise-grade functionality.

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Manage all your
data in one place

Product Toolkit

Identify, enrich and improve your product data to drive more sales and deliver a superior product experience.

Product Database

Easily import and centralize your product data for an easy-to-use database that can connect to all your selling channels


Connect your product catalogs to your marketplaces, apps, and channels with Sales Layer. Improve your efficiency and ensure accurate, complete data at every touchpoint.

Instant Catalogs

Create and share your digital product catalogs to all B2B and B2C channels in real time. Enrich and automate your data to offer a superior buying experience and drive more sales.

Why choose Sales Layer

Easy to use

The most user-friendly platform PIM in the world.

Specialist B2B tools

Integrations specially designed for B2B companies

Enterprise Grade

Connect product data from a single, reliable hub.

Quick onboarding

Typically completed within an average of 6 weeks.

Some of our satisfied customers

"Sales Layer was a critical tool in scaling our business. The ease and speed of use, combined with the excellent customer service, helped us to evolve."

Alex Wood
Director of Global Marketing

“We can constantly provide and change the information our customers need by ourselves. In 5 or 10 minutes you can change an image, update a price or add a new product.”

Rubén Rubio
Sales manager

“With Sales Layer we have catalogs set up for a minimum cost, they are much more navigable and save us time. You just need an Excel and a few images to have a catalog assembled. Some suppliers have had their catalog ready in 20 minutes.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

“We’ve gained in efficiency and speed. There’s no more confusion or delays: the customer places the order and it arrives directly to our ERP software.”

Marta Ayala
Sales Manager

“Sales Layer has been our right hand in the digitalization of our catalog and the optimization of our resources. It used to take 2 months to produce a catalog; now we have it ready in 2 weeks."

Laura Troitiño
System management

“Our goal was offering an easier and friendly product experience to our customers, and Sales Layer help has led to a conversion increase of 71% over our initial targets and increased our sales target by 353%”

María Selma
eCommerce Manager

Transform your data into product intelligence