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1. Terms of use

The internal reporting channel of Sales Layer (the "Internal Reporting Channel") is a means to report regulatory violations occurring at Sales Layer Tech, S.L. ("Sales Layer") and violations of the Sales Layer´s Code of Ethics.

It is implemented in compliance with Law 2/2023 of February 20th, regulating the protection of individuals reporting regulatory violations and combating corruption. With the implementation of the Internal Reporting Channel, Sales Layer aims to strengthen the culture of information and encourage communication as a mechanism to prevent and detect violations that may harm the company and threaten the public interest.

The Internal Reporting Channel is available to all individuals who, in the context of their employment, professional, or contractual relationship with Sales Layer (employees, interns, shareholders, contractors, subcontractors, among others), whether current or terminated, detect violations and wish to report them to Sales Layer (the "Protected Persons").

Through the Internal Reporting Channel, Protected Persons can submit, in a confidential and, if necessary, anonymous manner, information regarding actions or omissions occurring at Sales Layer that may constitute criminal or serious administrative violations. It is also possible to submit communications about violations of the rules of the Sales Layer´s Code of Ethics by selecting the option "Breach of Sales Layer´s Code of Ethics" on the form.

Sales Layer will acknowledge receipt of communications from Protected Persons who identify themselves within the maximum legally established period of seven days from receipt. Sales Layer will process communications as long as they are credible and well-founded and constitute conduct within the scope of the Internal Reporting Channel. This will be done within a maximum period of three months, except in cases of special complexity where the deadline may be extended for an additional maximum period of three months with the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Communications will be processed by the relevant department within Sales Layer, which will act diligently and promptly while respecting the rights of the Protected Persons. When deemed necessary, the person responsible for processing the communication may contact the Protected Person to request additional information.

Submitting information to the Internal Reporting Channel is not a prerequisite that must be exhausted. Therefore, if the Protected Persons deem it necessary, they may file reports with the relevant administrative and judicial authorities, as indicated in the applicable regulations.

By using the Internal Channel, the Protected Person agrees to:

  • Make responsible use and refrain from lodging baseless or malevolent allegations.
  • Use respectful language in the information provided about any other individual. Sales Layer is not responsible for derogatory comments that the Protected Person may make against any third party.
  • Ensure, if applicable, that the personal data provided is true, accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

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