PIM for Product Marketers

Upload and enrich your product data and Go-To-Market 4x faster.

Streamline your catalog management

Streamline your catalog management

Sales Layer is a global-leading PIM platform for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, allowing you to upload, centralize, enrich and automate your product information.

Our user-friendly PIM provides an essential and scalable tool for B2B and B2C marketing teams, with the quickest onboarding in the industry helping you Go-to-Market in 6 weeks or less.

Discover the features of our platform

Product database

Centralize data from your spreadsheets and sources, improve visibility, and set team workflows.

Product t oolkit

Identify gaps and errors to optimize, and enrich your product data to drive more sales.

Instant Catalogs

Create instant product catalogs, customized to meet the needs of your eProcurement platforms and buyers


Connect your product data to all marketplaces, procurement platforms and other selling channels in just a few clicks

Why Sales Layer?

Increase in efficiency
Million SKUs
In conversions
Quicker Go-to-Market

Catalog management
or product marketers

“Before Sales Layer we needed to add products not once, not twice, but normally three or four times. Now everything is connected, and we just do something one time and we have it everywhere.”

Matthias Knoll

“Sales Layer is very user-friendly, easy to use and scalable, with a team behind it that supports you at all times. A PIM is recommended, but
Sales Layer is 100% recommended”

María Selma
eCommerce Manager

"It's priceless to have every results.
department working on the same
basis and to be able to see the status and features of a product in realtime, from anywhere in the world"

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“Since we have been working with Sales Layer, we have all the product data grouped together, we have improved the relationship with suppliers and it has increased the internal visibility of the purchasing processes to speed up the completion of our projects.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

“We’ve gained in efficiency and speed. There’s no more confusion or delays: the customer places the order and it arrives directly to our ERP software.”

Marta Ayala
Sales manager

“Sales Layer has been our right hand in the digitalization of our catalog and the optimization of our resources. It used to take 2 months to produce a catalog; now we have it ready in 2 weeks."

Laura Troitiño
System management

Transform your data into product intelligence