PIM for Shopify Plus

When integrated with Shopify, Sales Layer PIM helps you improve and enhance your shopping experience by centralizing your product information.

Automated PIM integration for Shopify Plus

By connecting your product information to Shopify via Sales Layer, you gain access to a multi-language centralized platform that manages your product catalog across multiple distribution channels. Automate the way you gather, analyze, and manage your product information by implementing Sales Layer PIM system for Shopify Plus.

Discover why Sales Layer is the best PIM for Shopify

Manage your Shopify store with powerful API connectors and an intuitive, centralized product catalog.Get started with a 30-day all access trial of Sales Layer today.

Why our users choose
Sales Layer for Shopify

“Before Sales Layer we needed to add products not once, not twice, but normally three or four times. Now everything is connected, and we just do something one time and we have it everywhere.”

Matthias Knoll

“One hour of Sales Layer work replaces 5 hours of spreadsheets manipulation and website changes.”

Jack Kurtz

“Our experience with the PIM is a success story. We are all very happy with this tool. It’s very flexible and very intuitive to use.”

Perrine Bettinelli
SEO specialist

“Bulk uploads, bulk updates and bulk enrichment made managing products for our website so much easier!”

Lindie Samela
eCommerce Manager

"The main advantage of Sales Layer is undoubtedly its speed, and how easy it is to update. We can now include products 10 times faster than was possible with the previous software."   

Manu Santana
Sales manager

“Our goal was offering an easier and friendly product experience to our customers, and Sales Layer help has led to a conversion increase of 71% over our initial targets and increased our sales target by 353%”

María Selma
eCommerce Manager

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