Sales Layer PIM connector for PrestaShop

Save time and automate your product catalogs to your PrestaShop account from a single PIM system.

How does the PrestaShop connector work?

As one of the most popular ecommerce platforms for retailers and manufacturers, PrestaShop is likely already a part of your multichannel strategy. The open source software offers both lower costs and a large degree of flexibility to customize your CMS. But even through that offering, PrestaShop can still prove a time-consuming endeavor for your marketing team.

For businesses with large product catalogs, it can take a lot of time and resource to upload and maintain your product data with your PrestaShop account. This is no doubt time that could be better spent elsewhere for your teams. With a PIM solution, you can convert 1000s of spreadsheets to 1 centralized hub, and then sync your data across your selling platforms.

Sales Layer's PIM includes a pre-configured PrestaShop connector to save teams the time and trouble of connecting their product data to their PrestaShop account. Teams can collate product content from various data sources and files, and store it in one centralized hub. This makes it easy to review and analyze your product data, as well as choose which products you wish to display and sell on your PrestaShop website and other channels.

As with our other connectors, our PrestaShop PIM connector has been developed in-house and ensures you won’t need to rely on external documentation or require a technical background to install it. In fact, if you require a quick installation, we will put you in touch with one of the specialized partners in our network, with experience in PrestaShop projects for ecommerce and product catalogs.

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What features does PIM integration with PrestaShop provide?

Our Prestashop connector offers:

  • Saves time for your marketing teams by centralizing data
  • Establishes a more reliable workflow, with information always accurate and updated in real time
  • Data can be updated in one or several PrestaShop stores
  • Product data quality analysis
  • Diagnostic files to detect problems
  • Multi-language title export
  • Automatic assignment of data such as product characteristics and variants
  • Customizable fieldsProduct tag management
  • Synchronization of prices, discounts, shipping and product packs
  • Ability to send images and ALT attributes
  • Option to manage product suppliers and manufacturers
  • Redirects for deactivated products
  • Option to link related products (cross-sell)

The benefits of using PIM integration with PrestaShop

Our intuitive PIM empowers your team to enrich and automate the quality of their PrestaShop product catalogs. Our PrestaShop PIM connector can be found in the plugin store of your Sales Layer account or on GitHub, and provides the following benefits:

Enhanced multichannel strategy

Save time when managing product information across multiple selling platforms and channels. Our PIM connector for PrestaShop can connect to one or more of your PrestaShop stores. This simplifies your processes if you have websites in different languages, or for different markets, while connecting to other sales or distribution platforms in your network is quick and easy.

The fastest onboarding

Onboarding with Sales Layer can be done in as little as 60 days. Our intuitive PIM enables you to Go-to-Market quicker than with any other PIM. Once you’ve synchronized your catalogs to your PrestaShop account, any future changes you make are automated in real time.

Optimized management for vendors

Sellers on PrestaShop are often inundated with product data files from their suppliers and manufacturers. With our PrestaShop PIM integration, you can convert files from a range of formats and analyze your data in bulk. Here, our Quality Score feature identifies any errors or missing information fields for you to resolve.

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