PIM for Magento

Sales Layer offers the most intuitive PIM solution, enabling the centralization, enhancement, and distribution of product information across Magento stores, marketplaces, catalogs, and more.

Easy Magento PIM integration

Our PIM software enables businesses to easily and efficiently manage, analyze, organize, and update their product information.

  • Adapts to different formats including CSV, XML, and Excel.
  • Exports, syncs, and promotes content in real-time.
  • Works with DAM to allow you to upload and manage your file library.

Discover why Sales Layer is the best PIM for Magento and Magento 2

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How Does Sales Layer PIM Help Magento Store Owners?

Sales Layer's product information management software streamlines business processes by establishing a single source of truth for product information. This ensures consistency across all user touchpoints in product descriptions, SKUs, statuses, prices, and other attributes, maintaining data accuracy.

The software enhances store management productivity through bulk modifications and automated workflows, which save time and reduce errors.

Sales Layer integrates with various marketplaces and B2B tools, enhancing reach and discoverability for store owners. It supports configurations for related products, product groups, and cross-selling to boost product visibility and relevance, potentially increasing sales.

Why is Sales Layer the Best PIM for Magento?

Sales Layer and Magento are connected through a plug-and-play connector, offering marketing teams a powerful and adaptable integration. Our connector creates a centralized database capable of syndicating data across multiple channels without manual intervention.

E-commerce and marketing managers frequently spend valuable time in Magento handling data connections, reviews, and updates. Our focus is on delivering the fastest solution to streamline content maintenance, enabling you to focus on creating superior shopping experiences for your users — from more detailed product descriptions to improved usage guides.

Benefits of using the Sales Layer Magento Connector

The simplest integration on the market

Our Magento connector is developed with a plug-and-play philosophy, ensuring quick time to value for our clients.

Direct and complete integration with Magento

Saving development time and enable multimedia, categories, products, and attributes management.

Compatibility with Magento and Adobe Commerce

Offering low synchronization times and a complete backlog record.

Flexible and scalable connection

Our connection is highly customizable, enabling the provision of specific SEO-optimized descriptions, adjusting public prices, and filtering specific products or categories for each channel.

Continuous updates for Magento and Magento 2

Maintaining a policy of ongoing compatibility between our plugins/connectors and the latest platform versions.

Discover why our users love Sales Layer with Magento

"The main advantage of Sales Layer is undoubtedly its speed, and how easy it is to update. We can now include products 10 times faster than was possible with the previous software."

Manu Santana
Head of Marketing

“Our goal was to build a good product database from the start. Now we are growing and Sales Layer saves us time.”

Joost Maas

“Sales Layer is a leading tool for our customer service teams and a great platform to convert product data into more attractive online content.”

Cam Rouse
Technology Coordinator

"We can export the entire product catalog in a matter of seconds and have our website and ERP up to date every day, including all price calculations based on currency, margins and freight cost."

Pär Gester
Marketing Manager

“Now, thanks to Sales Layer workflows, we standardize all information and automate as much as possible, and we were able to launch 90 websites in one year.”

María Llanes
Digital Marketing Executive

“We have shifted from spending tons of hours compiling information from thousands of folders and Excels, to organizing everything with just one click..”

Teresa Sanz
Software Analyst

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