PIM connector for Google Manufacturer Center

Enrich, update and automate product information in real time in Google Manufacturer Center with PIM

How does the Google Manufacturer Center connector work?

A common concern for manufacturers is often inadequate product information or incomplete technical data being displayed in online stores or in retailers’ catalogs.

The quickest way to resolve this is to share your product information on the Google Manufacturer Center platform, where information is collected and displayed to sellers and customers on Google Shopping.

However, this doesn’t fully address the problem for manufacturers as the responsibility still lies with them to provide up-to-date information of a high quality, which can be a time-consuming task for their product marketing teams.

Fortunately, Sales Layer's PIM solution allows you to upload, centralize and enrich your product data. Then, our built-in connector to Google Manufacturer Center synchronizes your content across to the platform. Our official Google connector offers a secure and simple way to ensure accurate, updated content is automated to Google Manufacturer Center.

If you already have a manufacturer account in Manufacturer Center, here's how the Sales Layer connector helps you stand out from your competitors on Google and ensure a consistent brand image and product experience.

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What features does the Sales Layer PIM Google Manufacturer Center connector include?

It's quick and easy to sync your content to Google Manufacturer Center from our PIM. Our connector generates an XML file with your product information filtered and tailored to that which you want to share in your Google account.

IM also simplifies the sharing of product information with your other channels and platforms. This is ideal for boosting your B2B multi-channel strategy and your digital presence as a manufacturer.

Sales Layer PIM provides the following benefits:

  • Saves time with direct connection between PIM and Google.
  • Offers Quality Score and reports to identify errors or missing data.
  • Filters products by tags or families.
  • Includes official instructions on optional and mandatory fields in Google Manufacturer.
  • Exports data quickly via XML and URL.
  • Synchronizes product images and videos.
  • Enables linking of your Google Manufacturer and Shopping account with the same data feed.

The benefits of PIM integration with Google Manufacturer

World-class manufacturers such as Teka already manage all their product content in Google Manufacturer Center through Sales Layer PIM. Thanks to the direct connection between the two platforms, edits made to product information update in real time. Free your product and marketing teams from time-consuming manual tasks, multiply your presence in more channels, ensure brand consistency and improve your positioning in Google results.

More quality content

Ensure updated, accurate and search-optimized product information is shared across all of a product’s selling points, with PIM acting as a single source of truth controlled by you, the manufacturer.

Uniform positioning

By providing Google Shopping sellers with complete and reliable product data, they can provide better coverage of your products and an improved image of your brand in their stores.

Increased visibility and conversion

As Google prioritizes products with higher quality information and improves their ranking, you will be seen by more customers and increase your online sales opportunities.

Sync your products in Google Manufacturer with Sales Layer

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