Sales Layer’s PIM Connector for WooCommerce

Streamline the management of product data in your WooCommerce store with Sales Layer’s PIM tool.

How does the Sales Layer PIM Connector for WooCommerce work?

While WordPress and WooCommerce are a popular choice of CMS due to ease of use and relatively low costs, when it comes to product information management many retailers suffer from a slow and outdated process.

With Sales Layer’s PIM system, you can not only improve the efficiency of your WooCommerce product information management, but also create a centralized product database that all teams and departments can rely on for accuracy. Our PIM connector for WooCommerce allows you to automate the sending of product information to your WooCommerce stores. This removes the need to manually review your data, ensuring information is always up to date and eliminating mistakes or missing data fields.

Sales Layer PIM is easy to implement and allows for onboarding within 6 weeks, with no prior technical expertise required. Our PIM integration for WooCommerce is our own and has been developed by our team, meaning you don't need to contract third-party services to access a connector. Our team reviews and updates our connector periodically so that your connection is never out of date. Our support team is on hand to ensure you get the most out of your WooCommerce connector, while we can offer additional assistance if you need support in its implementation.

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What features does the Sales Layer PIM Connector for WooCommerce include?

Our PIM integration with WooCommerce offers many advantages, including:

  • Automatic synchronization of your product catalog to WooCommerce and all your sales channels
  • The ability to link images and data for cross-selling, upselling, discounts, stock status, product variants, etc.
  • The opportunity to toggle which products you want to appear in your WooCommerce catalog
  • Intuitive interface to keep your products up to date
  • Quality reports that assess the state of product data

Benefits of using the Sales Layer PIM Connector for WooCommerce

Sales Layer can assist any business with the optimization of their WooCommerce product information management. To get started, all you need is a server and theme suitable for WooCommerce. Our plugin for PIM integration with WooCommerce can take care of the rest.

An exclusive connector

Our WooCommerce plugin is available both in the Sales Layer connector library and on GitHub. Although we do not offer a connector implementation service, it is much easier to use a specialized plugin such as Sales Layer than to create one from scratch.
Thanks to our PIM integration with WooCommerce, you can save time and resources on your product information management, alongside a number of other advantages that we offer.

Ease of use

One of the biggest benefits of WooCommerce is its simplicity in terms of installation and use. We can onboard business without a background of technical expertise, providing a solution that simplifies and optimizes your processes.

Sales Layer offers a user-friendly interface and quick implementation, allowing for onboarding within 6 weeks, depending on the size of your product data.

Ready to use in just a few steps

Regardless of how comprehensive or unstructured your data is, transferring all your product information into Sales Layer’s PIM system is quick and easy. We can typically help you import this data and integrate with your WooCommerce store after just a few weeks of testing (depending on the size of your product catalog).

Our team is also on hand to offer any assistance you might need in organizing your product catalogs for any channel — not just WooCommerce.

Broaden your business’s outlook with Sales Layer

In the future, if you decide to migrate your online store or product website to another system beyond WooCommerce, you’ll be well prepared for it. Having all of your content centralized in the PIM system will make the process much simpler and less expensive than starting over from scratch. Sales Layer’s PIM connections are easy to add and remove as you require. This means you can continue to expand your omnichannel network and market your products over as many online and offline channels as you want.

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