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Enrich, update and automate product information in real time in Google Shopping & Merchant with PIM.

How does our PIM connector for Google Shopping work?

One of the most popular online marketplaces in the world, Google Shopping provides an ideal home for manufacturers and retailers to display and sell their products. However, the sheer size of the marketplace, in addition to the SEO requirements that Google presents, sees some brands struggling to have their products stand out from the pack.

By submitting complete, updated and search-optimized product data, businesses are able to improve the visibility of their products and command a larger space on the digital shelf. With Sales Layer’s PIM, you can centralize your product data, analyze its quality, then make any edits in bulk. Once ready to go, our built-in connector for Google Shopping and Merchant enables you to go-to-market quicker than with any other PIM.

Both manufacturers and merchants can centralize and manage their Google Shopping and Google Manufacturer product information with PIM. Sales Layer allows you to customize your data for a multi-channel approach, selecting only the products or product catalogs you want to display on your Google Shopping channel.

Sales Layer is an official Google partner and our connector has been developed by our team to meet the specific needs of sellers in Google Shopping, without the need for any complex implementation.

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What features does the Google Shopping Connector include?

Managing hundreds of products on different marketplaces can be a long, complex process if done manually. Data uploads and subsequent edits to information can be a huge drain on your product marketing teams, especially if your multi-channel strategy requires different products to be displayed on each selling channel.

Centralizing all your product content in our PIM system simplifies your catalog data management across all of your channels. Our Google Shopping connector allows you to choose which products or catalogs you want to connect. Once selected, product information is automatically synchronized between the PIM and Google Shopping via API or XML. In addition, this also loads the updated information into your Google Ads.

Our Google Shopping & Merchant connector also provides the following benefits:

  • Product data quality analysis.
  • Greater consistency in product cards and brand image.
  • Better positioning in Google Shopping results.
  • Reduced daily channel maintenance time.
  • Access to official Google Merchant documentation.
  • Ability to send data to Google Shopping and Manufacturer accounts.

The benefits of PIM integration with Google Shopping

Both retail businesses as well as manufacturers with a direct sales or D2C model can benefit from streamlining their product information management by integrating PIM with Google Shopping.

Product content optimization

With incomplete information or regulatory errors at risk of a penalty from Google, ensuring your product data is of a high quality is paramount.

Sales Layer PIM analyzes your product information, providing a Quality Score and identifying typical errors such as duplicate titles, missing product attributes, empty categories, incorrect GTIN codes and more. By optimizing your product data and ensuring a high quality, you can improve the visibility of your products on Google.

Enhanced shopping experience

Both search results and buyers are likely to choose products with more complete, reliable and engaging information.

Centralizing all your data in the Sales Layer PIM makes it easier for you to spot outdated content, then update and enrich information in order to stand out from the competition and provide the data your customers are looking for.

Useful for manufacturers and sellers

From the Sales Layer PIM platform, retailers can manage the synchronization of product information to their Google Merchant account. Alternatively, manufacturers can synchronize data to their Google Manufacturer account, while brands with both channels are able to send data to both via a single PIM data feed.

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