Sales Layer PIM connector for BigCommerce

Upload and enhance product content in your BigCommerce store or website with PIM.

How does the Sales Layer PIM connector for BigCommerce work?

BigCommerce is the go-to platform for ecommerce businesses to manage their online stores. Although it offers many facilities and robust features, there is still a requirement for sellers to manually add and manage all product content to their BigCommerce account.

Our PIM software simplifies your product information management with a connector that sends all the chosen information to your BigCommerce account. With our BigCommerce connector, there’s no need to manually upload all of your product information, freeing up your teams for other tasks. Integration with BigCommerce couldn’t be easier, with no extensive training required. As with all our plugins, our connector has been developed in-house and our support team is here to offer any assistance you need.

Sales Layer’s PIM can connect to BigCommerce, or any channel, and send data automatically. By synchronizing your product catalogs from PIM to your BigCommerce account, you can ensure the same, updated version of your data is shared. In addition, any changes you make within your PIM will be automatically reflected in your store or website thanks to our BigCommerce integration.

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What features does the Sales Layer connector for BigCommerce include?

Our platform analyzes your product information, providing you with a Quality Score and detecting any errors or missing fields for you. Once identified, you can easily update and enrich your content, which will be synchronized across your channels to ensure information of the highest quality.

In addition, you can customize your catalogs, with the ability to select or remove products, variants, categories, images and other aspects when synchronizing your data to your BigCommerce account.

Our BigCommerce connector also provides the following benefits:

  • Automatically syncs PIM data to BigCommerce via API.
  • Imports only selected categories and attributes tree
  • Provides option to map variant types
  • Analyzes data quality for errors or missing fields
  • Includes lists of BigCommerce default fields
  • Converts SKUs in PIM to SKUs in BigCommerce
  • Logs full activity of updates and edits
  • Can link shipping and inventory information

Benefits of BigCommerce
integration with PIM

The Sales Layer and BigCommerce integration allows you to link PIM and your BigCommerce account in just a few steps. Simply add your credentials and start synchronizing your product catalogs.

Automated edits in real time

Sales Layer PIM ensures any changes to your data are synchronized in real time across your selling channels. By optimizing your BigCommerce product information management, you can save your marketing teams from the hassle of having to regularly export and upload files by hand.

Catalog Syndication

One of the biggest challenges for retailers and manufacturers is keeping up with the pace of catalog updates needed today. Our BigCommerce connector removes the stress and error-prone nature of reviewing and authorizing changes for each channel. Data updates, new product ranges and discontinued products will be reflected immediately in your BigCommerce account, and can be tracked with a full activity history.

Multi-channel flexibility

Sales Layer PIM allows you to manage millions of SKUs in one central location, with the ability to connect multiple stores in different languages. With this in mind, our PIM for BigCommerce can scale with you as you expand into new countries and markets, or the catalog volume connected to your account grows.

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