Sales Layer PIM Connector for Shopify

Send your product information to your Shopify account automatically with Sales Layer’s PIM system.

How does the Sales Layer PIM for Shopify work?

Product information management on Shopify can be one of the largest drains of time and resource for ecommerce businesses and their teams. But, with Sales Layer’s Shopify PIM integration, you can streamline your processes and free up time to spend on other areas of your business.

Our Shopify connector is quick, secure and easy to implement, helping you to effectively upload and manage your Shopify product catalogs directly from our PIM platform.

Combine the processes of collating, organizing, editing, and enriching all your product information with the Sales Layer PIM system. In addition to serving as a PIM for Shopify, our platform can also sync your product data across all of the channels you sell in.

Does the PIM connector work for Shopify Plus?

Yes, at Sales Layer, our software allows for Shopify PIM integration whether your business operates on a Standard or Shopify Plus plan. This means you can easily manage your product content across all of your Shopify stores.

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How to create a store in Shopify with a PIM system

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What features does the Sales Layer Shopify Connector include?

Upload and automate product catalogs with up-to-date, accurate and error-free information when you integrate PIM with Shopify. With a simple installation, our PIM lets you manage product descriptions, specifications, images and other digital assets on a single platform. From here, you can then connect to your Shopify store or website and sync your data across.

Centralize and optimize your entire product management process with our Sales Layer PIM connector for Shopify. With Sales Layer, you can:

  • Connect products with unique SKUs.
  • Add variants with values in all attributes
  • Include defined attributes and metadata.
  • Send images in the right format and size.
  • Translate product information for your multi-language store.
  • Synchronize prices, products in packages, and more.
  • Manage multiple stores at once

Benefits of using the Sales Layer
PIM Connector for Shopify

By combining these processes through the power of a PIM, your business is able to handle and manage thousands of SKUs across multiple languages, locations and sales channels.

An exclusive connector + A high-performance PIM system

Our API and Shopify connector have been developed by our in-house team, ensuring you do not have to rely on a third party or seek external support for its installation and use. La magia de una conexión automatizada con Shopify sucede en segundo plano, mientras tú ahorras tiempo.

Simple installation

Upload your entire product catalog with our Shopify PIM connector in as little as a few days (depending on volume/complexity of data). What’s more, you don’t need to rely on a technical team to install your PIM system and its Shopify connector. Our PIM is easy to use, with technical support on hand if required.

More effective management

Eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets and any confusion over multiple versions of product information when you upload and sync data with our PIM for Shopify. With full automation of data, you can save time, avoid data errors and improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Make your business grow with Shopify and Sales Layer

By centralizing your content within the Sales Layer cloud, you can create a flexible, scalable and streamlined ecosystem for your Shopify product data.

Synchronize your Shopify products with Sales Layer

Perfect data, satisfied customers, amazing results.

Transform your data into product intelligence