Hosted by

Razván Zottu

Account Executive, Sales Layer

Andrew Parrington

Business Development Director, APS




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Why is product data more important each day? What level of information is needed to be gathered by companies to keep customers on their website, marketplaces and other channels?

Join two experts from APS (Automated Publishing Services), a digital workflow automation specialist, and Sales Layer, the top-ranked PIM software, to learn everything about the role of customer focusing data to drive success for a company.

Everything you will learn:

  • What customers expect to see when they look for a product.
  • The best solution for facilitating data transfer and a single source of truth: Sales Layer's PIM.
  • How structured data increases the flexibility of catalog production.
  • Manufacturers reducing the complexities of catalog production with a PIM.
  • The evolution of the catalog. Merging print with digital to create a new experience.
  • Driving revenue for manufactures through their catalogs.

Transform your data into product intelligence