Sales Layer, the Enterprise-Grade PIM Platform

Our global-leading platform allows enterprise businesses to upload, centralize, enrich and automate product data from one platform.

How Sales Layer can help with
your digital asset management

Collaboration Tools

Sales Layer allows you to set workflows and validations to improve the efficiency of your product information management. Each department is then aware of the input needed from them, while a full activity history promotes accountability. By improving the communication between your departments and visibility of product data, you can speed up your processes and deliver a superior buyer experience. Our collaboration tools are designed to help companies of all sizes, catering for teams both small and large, as well as those working on-site or remotely.

Established Partner Ecosystem

Sales Layer’s extensive connector offering allows it to integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack. The platform can directly integrate with your ERP or CMS, as well as offer pre-built connectors to marketplaces, selling platforms, third party sites and procurement platforms. You can also build on top of our API to create your own custom integrations, for both data import and export functions. Connect your data across your multi-channel and syndicate your catalogs and any updates in real time with Sales Layer.

API architecture you can rely on

Sales Layer has been built on a robust API architecture, forming the core of the platform. This sophisticated architecture has been designed to offer our users maximum scalability and reliability. Our architecture is based on a number of industry standards including REST, OpenAPI, ODATA and dependable technologies like .NET and PHP, and has allowed us to offer our customers 99% uptime.

Security is of the utmost importance to Sales Layer, which is why we offer Single Sign On protection for users. On top of this, our ISO 27001 certification reflects our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of information security and protecting our clients' valuable data.

AI-first roadmap

We’ve always had one eye on AI at Sales Layer, and have embraced the developments of the last few years to offer a platform with Open AI integration. Our focus on technology has led us to the creation of an AI-first roadmap to harness the power of AI and deliver even greater value for our customers.

Get in touch today to find out more about our AI product roadmap.

Additional features for Enterprise businesses

In addition to the suite of Enterprise benefits we offer, Sales Layer provides a range of core features that form the foundation of our award-winning platform. From a dashboard view of your product data, to a range of data enrichment tools, Sales Layer offers everything you need to drive growth and success on the digital shelf. Discover our range of core features to find out more.

Some of our satisfied customers

"Sales Layer was a critical tool in scaling our global business. The ease and speed of use, combined with the excellent customer service, helped us to evolve."

Alex Wood
Director of Global Marketing

“We can constantly provide and change the information our customers need by ourselves. In 5 or 10 minutes you can change an image, update a price or add a new product.”

Rubén Rubio
Sales Manager

“With Sales Layer we have catalogs set up for a minimum cost, they are much more navigable and save us time. You just need an Excel and a few images to have a catalog assembled. Some suppliers have had their catalog ready in 20 minutes.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

"The main advantage of Sales Layer is undoubtedly its speed, and how easy it is to update. We can now include products 10 times faster than was possible with the previous software."

Manu Santana
Head of Marketing

“Sales Layer is a leading tool for our customer service teams and a great platform to convert product data into more attractive online content.”

Cam Rouse
Technology Coordinator

“Bulk uploads, bulk updates and bulk enrichment made managing products for our website so much easier!”

Lindie Samela
eCommerce Manager

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