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Sales Layer is an industry-recognized Product Information Management (PIM) system that retailers use to enrich their product catalogs and deliver impactful product experiences across all connected sales channels.

Sales Layer’s PIM seamlessly integrates with Woocommerce WordPress plugin

Online stores built using the Woocommerce WordPress plugin require product data management. Sales Layer’s PIM system helps streamline product catalogs, images, and information by seamlessly integrating with e-commerce plugin using the e-commerce plugin. It centralizes all product data in the cloud, checks data quality with automated reports, connects content to print apps, updates product catalogs in real-time, and much more!

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Discover why

Discover why Sales Layer is your go-to PIM WooCommerce solution

Leverage Sales Layer’s PIM today and make the move from chaotic spreadsheets to streamlined and centralized product data management.

How can a PIM benefit Woocommerce store managers?

A PIM system can benefit store owners by serving as the central repository for product data. This is particularly valuable for companies handling complex and extensive product lines where manual catalog management becomes a limitation.

Additionally, a PIM facilitates efficient scalability. As the volume of products, attributes, and data types grows, the system ensures that the performance and accuracy of your WooCommerce setup are not compromised.

Beyond merely enhancing WooCommerce, a PIM system also connects to various marketplaces, streamlining the integration of new suppliers and partners. This simplifies the onboarding process for new products, significantly reducing time-to-market and increasing operational efficiency.

Why is Sales Layer the best PIM for Woocommerce?

Synchronization between Sales Layer and WooCommerce is facilitated through a high-availability dynamic API and a customizable extension plugin for WordPress. This WordPress PIM plugin enables advanced filtering and the use of transformation formulas, allowing store owners to precisely adjust attribute settings to optimize the flow of product information, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Sales Layer provides robust and optimized field mapping capabilities tailored specifically for WooCommerce. This ensures seamless data synchronization across essential elements such as product names, descriptions, images, SKUs, prices, and stock status.

Sales Layer ensures compatibility with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions. This not only minimizes maintenance costs but also enables companies to focus on core business areas with a consistently updated and fully functional catalog integration system.

Benefits of using Sales Layer with Woocommerce

Handle Complex Product Data

Avoid inefficient data uploads with advanced filtering, enhancing the buying experience and streamlining the creation of well-organized product categories. This is especially beneficial for industries that rely on detailed descriptions.

Scalability and Performance

By managing data offsite and synchronizing it with WooCommerce, Sales Layer offloads much of the data processing demands from WooCommerce. This helps maintain site performance even as product catalogs expand.

Enhance the buying experiece

Sales Layer supports various product details, including stock management, up-sell and cross-sell product references, and multiple pricing options. These features enhance the user experience and can boost sales.

Error Handling and Data Consistency

Managing product variations presents significant challenges. Each variation may require different stock settings, images, and prices, which can complicate inventory management and lead to errors and data inconsistencies.

Quick Setup Time

The installation process ranges from 1 day to 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case, customization needs, and data preparation. This allows clients to promptly realize the value of integrating Sales Layer with their WooCommerce store.

Some of our satisfied customers

The interface is so user-friendly that with a two or three-hour training you can already start adding fields and pictures, manage catalogs, or create product sheets, with zero problems.

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“Our goal was to build a good product database from the start. Now we are growing and Sales Layer saves us time.”

Joost Maas

“Now, thanks to Sales Layer workflows, we standardize all information and automate as much as possible, and we were able to launch 90 websites in one year.”

María Llanes
Digital Marketing Executive

“Sales Layer is a leading tool for our customer service teams and a great platform to convert product data into more attractive online content.”

Cam Rouse
Technology Coordinator

"The main advantage of Sales Layer is undoubtedly its speed, and how easy it is to update. We can now include products 10 times faster than was possible with the previous software."

Manu Santana
Head of Marketing

"We can export the entire product catalog in a matter of seconds and have our website and ERP up to date every day, including all price calculations based on currency, margins and freight cost."  

Pär Gester
Marketing Manager

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