Bricks to clicks: developing a product information management strategy for the building materials industry

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Discover the critical challenges faced by building materials companies lacking a central repository for product data management, and unlock essential techniques to thrive in the industry.

Imagine if your building materials product data is scattered and difficult to locate. You are unsure where to find the most recent catalogue, and every team relies on a different version. That can lead to unhappy customers, sales that don't quite click, and a big mix-up of information. Keeping things organised and accurate becomes a real challenge. Does that ring a bell?

This webinar is designed to help you navigate the challenges of consolidating product data, understand how a Product Information Management platform (PIM) can facilitate this process, and explore the numerous advantages of digitising your catalogue. Whether your company is just starting its digital journey or already advanced, this session will provide valuable insights for all levels of digital maturity.

In this session you will:

Examine the critical hurdles presented by scattered product data, which are proving to be costly for building materials companies.

Get an understanding of what is a PIM and understand why embracing a digital catalogue is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Discover how leveraging the right tools not only resolves these issues but also positions you as a frontrunner in the industry, ensuring consistency and a competitive edge.

Gain practical insights and actionable recommendations on effectively merging product data from diverse sources, all backed by real success stories from our customers.


With detailed advice and shared experiences from a panel of experts in B2B product information management:

Álvaro Verdoy

Mark Symons

International Account Executive

The global leading PIM that drives long-term revenue for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Ben Adams

Ben Adams

Chief Customer Officer

The Product Data experts. Accelerating customer experience with complete & accurate product data.

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