Sales Layer Connect for suppliers

Increase sales and customer satisfaction by creating & publishing beautiful, detailed catalogs with our connector on your buyers' SAP Ariba portals more quickly with less effort and no IT involvement

Streamlined process without technical requisites

Step 1

Complete the form & receive a call or response by email

Step 2

Works with supplier to load their product data

Step 3

Supplier chooses what to include in their catalog(s)

Step 4

Deliver your products directly into the buyer portal

Get exposure in clients' portals

Ensure that your products are included in search results in the buyer's B2B portal.

Make your products stand out

Show detailed product descriptions, pictures, videos, and more in multiple languages.

Optimize catalog management

Centralise your products digitally, reduce time stitching together spreadsheets, and present more items.

Be ready to add more Ariba Buyers

Use Sales Layer prebuilt integration with SAP Ariba and onboard faster with multiple catalogs.

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Transform your data into product intelligence