B2B Replatforming Guide

Discover the ultimate guide to replatforming your B2B ecommerce business. Written with industry experts Calashock and BigCommerce, this comprehensive guide offers invaluable insight into how to successfully replatform, including tips on planning your digital move, creating a successful Tech Stack and an exclusive data migration checklist.

B2B Replatforming Guide

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  • How to replatform your B2B business
  • The key pillars of a B2B replatforming plan
  • How to create a successful B2B Tech Stack
  • The importance of a replatforming partner in smooth migration
  • How to manage your data during the replatforming process

Chapter List

Chapter List

  • What is Replatforming?
  • Migrating Systems in B2B Environments
  • The Challenges of Replatforming
  • Planning and Metrics
  • Creating a Successful B2B Tech Stack
  • The Importance of a Replatforming Partner
  • The Role of PIM in Replatforming
  • How to Replatform and Migrate Data Smoothly
  • Your Migration Checklist
  • Mythbusting in Replatforming

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