Beyond Spreadsheets: Centralising and Digitising Your Product Catalogue

Free Webinar - 2nd November, 11AM (UK Time)

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Discover the Key Challenges Faced by Manufacturers, Brands, and B2B Companies without a Centralised & Digitised Product Catalog.

If your product data is scattered, inaccessible, and lacks a centralised system, you're likely encountering common hurdles like customer frustration, ineffective sales interactions and data disarray across various sources, making it difficult to maintain data consistency and accuracy.

With a centralised catalog you can prevent delays in launching new products and ensure your customers remain loyal and satisfied.

In this session you will:

Explore the pressing challenges of scattered product data that's costing manufacturers dearly.

Dive into the transformative power of centralised product information and discover why a digital catalogue is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity.

Learn how the right tools not only solve these problems but set you ahead in the game, ensuring consistency and a competitive edge."


With detailed advice and shared experiences from a panel of experts in B2B catalogue digitalisation and a leader UK manufacturing company:

Álvaro Verdoy

Álvaro Verdoy

CEO at Sales Layer

The global leading PIM that drives long-term revenue for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Ben Adams

Ben Adams

CEO at Start with Data

The Product Data experts. Accelerating customer experience with complete & accurate product data.

Tim Rook

Tim Rook

CMO at Clade

The UKs leading manufacturer of natural refrigerant heat pumps.

Transform your data into product intelligence