Sell more easily on the SAP Network with Sales Layer. Quickly. Affordably.

Imagine a SAP Network where…

  • New sellers add catalogs to the Network in a week.
  • New products can be available to buy in a day.
  • New prices can be effective in an hour.
  • AI generates catalog content in multiple languages.
  • A million Sellers want to bring buyers to the Network

Sales Layer is the only SAP Approved Partner offering the most user-friendly and cost-effective way to enable PunchOut-ready, Ariba-friendly B2B ecommerce websites for your suppliers.

Create integrated PunchOut catalogs in SAP Ariba through the most seamless and effortless way for P2P buyers and sellers to conduct transactions, even for non-technical businesses.

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The benefits our customers are finding with Sales Layer Connect

  • Onboard suppliers in SAP Ariba in just 2 weeks.
  • 92% compliance with framework agreements.
  • 58% more digital sales through e-procurement.
  • €4 million in direct savings.
  • 6x lower maintenance costs.
  • 9x faster procurement processes.
  • Receive updated data from suppliers in 5 minutes.
  • 2x quicker orders processing time.
  • 100% regulatory compliance on all purchases.
  • 1.8 Tn CO2 emissions avoided through the use of e-catalogues.
The benefits our customers are finding with Sales Layer Connect

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Rapid creation of integrated PunchOut catalogs in SAP Ariba.

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