Sales Layer PIM Connector for Magento

Enhance your Magento product information management with a PIM system for your stores.

How does the Sales Layer Magento PIM connector work?

Editing, uploading and reviewing all of your product information and catalogs can be a huge drain on your team’s time and resources. Fortunately Sales Layer PIM solution provides a quick and effective solution. Overhaul and optimize your Magento product information management with our PIM connector.

We know that a good amount of managers’ time in Magento is wasted while connecting, reviewing, and updating data. Our priority is to offer the fastest system so that content maintenance in Magento is no longer a headache: that's why we developed our own PIM connector.

Our Magento connector allows you to access our PIM platform. From here, all of your product content, images and media files can be uploaded to the cloud and made instantly accessible from any device or location. Our Sales Layer PIM system syncs all of your edits and changes, meaning you’ll always view the most updated version of your content in Magento.

By ensuring up-to-date, accurate and error-free product content on your Magento stores, you can provide a superior shopping experience to your customers. In addition to providing a Magento PIM connector, Sales Layer can help you synchronize your product content across all of the channels that are necessary for your distribution/sales strategy — including more Adobe services such as InDesign.

Does the PIM connector work for Magento 2?

The answer is, yes. Sales Layer’s Magento PIM integration has been adapted to cater for users of Magento 2. This version even offers a quicker and more streamlined service in terms of data synchronization. Our PIM for Magento is also compatible with Magento Community accounts.

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What features does the Sales Layer PIM Connector for Magento include?

A cloud-based PIM such as Sales Layer offers a solution to a number of challenges facing both B2C and B2B companies using Magento. By compiling your product catalogs with a PIM, you can feed all of your channels (including Magento) with data from the same source. This naturally helps to reduce the hassle and time spent maintaining product information, as well as eliminating confusion over which channel possesses the most up-to-date information.

It’s not just the automation of catalogs that can be facilitated with our PIM for Magento. You are also able to:

  • Import the categories and products that interest you.
  • Connect all description data, SKUs, statuses, prices, quantities, etc.
  • Add configurable products and their variants.
  • Set up related products, product groups, cross-selling, and upselling.
  • Send out marketing materials, such as images and videos.
  • Manage your content in however many stores you have connected in Magento.
  • Perform bulk modifications for faster editing of similar products or attributes.
  • Choose to connect only the products you have marked as visible.

Benefits of using the Sales
Layer Magento Connector

An exclusive connector + A high-performance PIM system

Enjoy full control and visibility of your product information with the Magento PIM integration. While other PIM systems only offer connectors developed by third parties, ours has been developed by our team and is enhanced with frequent updates and maintenance to offer unrivaled performance and reliability.

Less work for your team

Save time and resources that can be better spent elsewhere when you upload and sync your product catalogs with Sales Layer. Our Magento connector transfers and configures your data to reflect every change and update made in real time.

Streamlined to implement

Transfer all existing product data in just a few days at most with our standard PIM installation. We offer different solutions and Magento integration partners in order to cater for any specific requirements you may have.

Trust Sales Layer to multiply your omnichannel business

After discovering how much time and resource Magento integration can save you, you can enjoy the same benefits across your other channels. Whether offline or online, our PIM system is scalable and can adapt to fit your business needs.

Synchronize your products in Magento with Sales Layer

Perfect data, satisfied customers, amazing results.

Transform your data into product intelligence

Transform your data into product intelligence