Global-leading PIM for B2B Manufacturers, Suppliers and Brands

Centralize and enrich even the most complex product data across your supply chain and selling channels with the leading PIM for B2B organizations.

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global-leading B2B PIM


The quickest PIM on the market to implement - onboard in less than 6 weeks


Centralize and manage complex product data of 10+ million SKUs


Ensure consistent data across your organization and your supply chain


Create customized catalogs individually tailored to the needs of a specific buyer or procurement platform


Connect your product catalogs to every platform, app and marketplace in just a few clicks


Enrich product data for more sales, creating an improved buyer experience and greater online visibility


Launch and sync your products across every platform, app and marketplace in just a few clicks.


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B2B Catalogs


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Easy Catalog

Sales Layer’s B2B customers

“We found in Sales Layer a system to create a catalog in seconds: it’s the technology that any supplier is looking for, simple to use and with more eye-catching catalog results.”

Marta Arias
Procurement Director

“It has been key for us to involve all departments, both creators and users of product information. We took advantage of the full potential of the PIM, quickly providing solutions that make the daily work much easier, thus achieving the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone.”

Sandra Zabala
Product Information Manage

“Working with Sales Layer has been a great step forward for Teka Group at a timing and resources management level. Old Laborious tasks are now quick and easy, and we can launch a catalog in just a few days, while that could take up to two months in the past”

Alfonso Román
Global Digital & Advertising Manager

“Bulk uploads, bulk updates and bulk enrichment made managing products for our website so much easier!”

Lindie Samela
eCommerce Manager

"Sales Layer’s customer service and technical support is invaluable, as we can address issues that are difficult to resolve and continue with our work."  

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

"We can export the entire product catalog in a matter of seconds and have our website and ERP up to date every day, including all price calculations based on currency, margins and freight cost."

Pär Gester
Vp of Marketing

eProcurement Solutions

Digitize your product data for your buyers and connect your Instant Catalogs directly to procurement platforms.

Purchase Order System

Drive more P2P sales by providing a seamless product experience with Sales Layer Connect and its purchase order capabilities.

Sales Layer’s B2B customers

“It's incredible how flexible Sales Layer is to create catalogs tailored to different channels and customers. We are very pleased.”

Daniel Marín
IT Manager

“The PIM system is a very worthwhile investment because with this tool we can centralize all the products, generate the documentation automatically, and maintain all of theinformation, always up to date and in its latest version.”

Enrique Pons
Product Manager

"The interface is so user-friendly that with a two or three-hour training you can already start adding fields and pictures, manage catalogs, or create product sheets, with zero problems."

Joan Montava
Marketing Shopper

“Our goal was to build a good product database from the start. Now we are growing and Sales Layer saves us time.”

Joost Maas

“Sales Layer is a leading tool for our customer service teams and a great platform to convert product data into more attractive online content.”

Cam Rouse
Technology Coordinator

“Sales Layer has been our right hand in the digitalization of our catalog and the optimization of our resources. It used to take 2 months to produce a catalog; now we have it ready in 2 weeks."

Laura Troitiño
System management

Rating of 4.6/5 stars on G2

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